Five amazing ideas to make your small bedroom look comfortable

People always like to have a living place with ample space which can accommodate anything they like. However, it is not feasible for everyone to have spacious home with lots of space. Even though, you live in a moderately sized room, you can make it look comfortable. Bedroom is one of the important part of a home. A bedroom has to be comfortable. Space, though an important factor, does not define the comfortable level of your home.

If you are keen on creating a better bedroom, you can start with the following expert tips:

Keeping Appropriate Furniture
Always buy right-size furniture for your bedroom. First measure the walls before deciding the thickness of your furniture. Do not buy curved furniture as it stick out more. Starting from the size of the bed to the lamps, everything has to match to the size of your bedroom. You can use a wall-mounted sconces instead of a table lamp for a open feel.

Light paint colour for ceiling
Using a light paint colour for the ceiling. It makes you feel as if you have a higher ceiling. If you use any dark colour on your ceiling, it will give you a feeling as if you have a shorter ceiling.

Avoid Television
Keeping a television set in your bedroom will affect you negatively by impacting your sleep time habits. Other than this, it will use a huge amount of space. Keeping the television in the living room is a good idea. Make you bedroom a place to rest not for entertainment.

Bed without footboards
You need to opt for a bed without footboards. Footboards take a huge chunk of space in your bedroom. It is advisable to leave the footboard off the bed frame. It will make your bedroom look more comfortable.

Simple decor
Do not use comforters or blanket with significantly bold patterns. It will attract the attention to the bed and make the room look small. Using light colours and simple designs will make your bedroom more spacious.